Flycup is a solution, certainly designed above all for the spectator experience, but it is also designed so that professionals can adapt it to the needs of events, whether sporting, cultural, or other.

Aware of the challenges posed by take-out consumption and the difficulties it can cause during gatherings, Flycup's wish was to allow rapid and practical consumption for everyone, that is to say as much for those who consume than for those who prepare.

Event organizers are increasingly involved in the fan experience and wish to offer their spectators moments that are as comfortable as they are pleasant, so that they continue to attend shows, matches, etc.

To do this, clubs and operators must ensure a service that is both fast and practical, that there are no payment problems, etc. so that this fan experience is as impeccable as possible.


1. Service problem: congestion of refreshment bars due to long and inconvenient service

To compensate for the overcrowding of the refreshment bars, the ideal service time is estimated to be a maximum of 1 to 2 minutes at the time of taking the order, with the half-time being 15 minutes. However, this service time may sometimes be longer than expected. This is explained by the sporting constraints to which staff and consumers are exposed.

Generally, it is during half-time that the refreshments are under a lot of pressure. General gathering of spectators who wish to eat, they must serve as well as quickly the supporters who rush to the catering area, and who are (obviously) in a hurry to be served.

The very structure of the sports arenas, which are sometimes aging, combined with equipment that is also sometimes obsolete (the cash register equipment for example), does not work in favor of the refreshment bars either.

2. Consumption problem: difficult handling

Difficult to hold everything in your arms, moving around with several packages represents a major challenge for a spectator in the crowd. Another example, when the moment arrives when the fan must show his ticket to security, he sometimes has no other choice but to have to put his food on the ground, or to entrust it to someone else . Provided that someone else doesn't have their hands full either.

In short, it’s a real “pain”. Faced with this particularly unpleasant problem, many spectators do not consume as much as they would like. Aware of these service and consumption constraints, Flycup has therefore studied them and this is why the product has been designed to fully respond to them.

3. Ease of storage and speed of assembly

Indeed, to address preparation issues, Flycup has been designed to be delivered flat, which facilitates storage in small spaces.

Assemblable in less than 5 seconds, it is not a hindrance to the tight timing of pre-rush preparation. On the contrary, its structure by compartments makes it possible to simplify the placement of food and to prepare menus even before ordering.

Stackable, like the HappyMeal boxes from McDonald's , Flycup can therefore be pre-assembled in advance, which saves time before serving but also saves space on the counter.

Flycup packaging is therefore quick to assemble, easy to store and simple to serve for perfectly optimized time savings. Enough to effectively unclog the refreshments to the delight of the organizers, and of course the spectators who can move around more comfortably and enjoy a completely free hand.

But be careful, Flycup is not just a single restoration item. It also serves the catering business.


1. Study of the Professional Football League

Most spectators do not buy the quantity of food they would really like to consume due to lack of practicality since holding several packages in their hands (if it is really possible) represents more of a constraint than a moment of pleasure strictly speaking. .

This is explained by the fact that the spectator finds himself cluttered, preventing him from moving around and enjoying the moment as he would like.

As such, a study was carried out by the LFP in 2017 among 40 Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs, and revealed that 20% of spectators do not take menus due to lack of practicality.

2. Triple offer for consumers

To fix this problem, Flycup has designed packaging with three compartments thus making it possible to offer a triple offer to spectators. No need to deprive yourself or worry about spilling something thanks to its practical and ergonomic side.

3. Simplified experience, and therefore additional recipes

Since the consumption experience is simplified and more practical thanks to this triple offer, spectators are no longer hesitant about ordering an entire menu for example, which allows, ultimately , an increase in sales (+18% on average among our customers).

From then on, Flycup becomes a real sales tool and pushes operators to review their sales techniques, the way of addressing spectators, what tools they can put in place in order to gain efficiency, turnover, etc.

4. Commercial aspect of refreshment bar staff

OGC Nice has, as such, chosen to train its waiters in the refreshment bar in additional sales techniques with the aim of being real salespeople. The goal is obviously to boost sales while offering fast, quality service to supporters.


1. Flycup is a commercial tool that generates turnover

Flycup packaging has a marketing aspect conferred by its 100% customizable character, whether in the colors of the club or the partner, etc. Which makes them a particularly interesting communication tool or support.

Flycup has 4 clearly visible sides. It is mobile (because in the hands of the spectator) and at the heart of the event. It therefore becomes a new communication tool, for event organizers and for partner brands.

It makes it possible to reach a wide audience, within the event, and due to its visible and mobile nature.

2. Allows a marketing side thanks to the QR code

Thus, it can be used as a new activation tool, sold by event organizers to their various advertisers.

On the other hand, Flycup allows you to go further from a marketing point of view thanks to QR codes . Indeed, by adding them to communication, it is possible to integrate digital marketing activations into Flycup and thus provide exclusive content, or even gains to make the experience even more important.

Flycup therefore makes it possible to respond to event service issues thanks to practical, quick and easy-to-use packaging. Also, it allows us to respond to commercial and marketing issues. As a result, it becomes a real asset for developing sales and finding additional business.

Constantly looking for innovative solutions for clubs or event organizers, Flycup knows how to adapt to any type of need, exactly like those mentioned. But not only.

It also knows how to respond to environmental issues that arise from most cultural or sporting gatherings, a major concern of this decade in view of the carbon footprint they generate. We invite you to stay tuned as this will be the subject of the next blog post.

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