Birth of the idea

    It all started from a bad experience!

    It's 2017 and I'm participating with my friend Thomas in our very first music festival.

    We enjoy the event but quickly become disillusioned when it comes time to eat. We realize that it is impossible to eat while continuing to enjoy the concerts.

    Forced to stay in a fixed place, without knowing how to put our food, we have a bad time and we tell ourselves that there is something to do.

    It all started from there !

    Packaging that sets you free

    The idea of ​​the Flycup sees the light of day: designing a new packaging format that makes consumption moments freer in events and takeaway sales.

    We are therefore creating a range of innovative packaging which is based on the combination of existing products in order to create a unique solution on the market.

    With Flycup, we are therefore creating a new use of consumption: more practical, more fun... and also more sustainable!

    Reduce waste

    Beyond improving the on-the-go consumption experience, we also wanted to reduce its impact.

    Throughout the year, in France, the organization of matches generates the equivalent of 5 Olympic swimming pools of waste.

    Takeaway sales are 20 times more!

    This is why we offer all-in-one solutions suitable for food contact to replace existing packaging and thus reduce the amount of waste.

    We already allow this with our recyclable kraft cardboard range but also with our very next reusable and zero waste range.

    • Photo-Olivier_Flycup


      Flycup's soul

    • Thomas_Flycup


      Flycup’s idea box

    • Jean-baptiste-flycup

      Jean Baptiste

      The artist of Flycup

    • Guillaume-flycup


      Flycup's balance

    • Bruno-Leruste-Flycup


      The design of Flycup

    • Thomas-Gonzalez-Flycup


      The geek from Flycup

    • Ines_Flycup


      Flycup's voice

    • Fannie_Flycup


      Flycup's feather

    • Francois-Singer-Flycup

      François SINGER

      Senior Purpose Partnerships Manager

      17 Sports

    • Alexander-lhonherr-Flycup

      Alexander LHONHERR

      DG France Meiko

      Former CEO of the MIELE Group

    • Alexandre-Zodmi-Flycup

      Alexandre ZODMI

      Head of Sponsorship

      Juventus Turin

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