The QR Code is a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned using a smartphone or tablet equipped with a QR Code reading application.

Unlike traditional barcodes, QR Codes can store a large amount of information, including website links, videos, promotions, e-tickets, etc.

This versatility makes the QR Code an ideal tool for sports business through 4 challenges:

  • Fan Engagement :

One of the main challenges of sports business is to engage fans and offer them an immersive experience. QR Codes can play an essential role in this objective.

For example, clubs can integrate QR Codes into their promotional materials such as posters, match programs and jerseys. Fans can scan these QR Codes to access exclusive content such as player interviews, behind-the-scenes training and special offers on merchandise.

  • Ticket sales :

Ticket sales are another important aspect of sports business. QR Codes can simplify this process by allowing fans to purchase e-tickets and store them directly on their phone.

This eliminates the need for physical tickets, reduces printing costs and facilitates access to sporting events. By reducing the printing of paper tickets, sports clubs can reduce their carbon footprint and participate in preserving the environment by adopting a CSR approach, as provided for in the Charter of 15 commitments to which they are signatories.

Additionally, QR Codes can be used to quickly verify the authenticity of tickets, thereby minimizing the risk of fraud. This being common, we must remain vigilant and take precautions.

  • Stadium experience:

During sporting events, QR Codes can improve the fan experience by allowing them to access a multitude of information and services.

For example, by scanning a QR Code at their seat, fans can consult the menu offered at the refreshment stands, order food and drinks, and have it delivered directly to their seat.

QR Codes can also be used to provide real-time information, such as game statistics, replays and special offers on sponsor products.

  • Data analysis :

By implementing QR Codes in sports business, organizations can collect valuable data on fans.

After in-depth data analysis, sports teams and brands can better understand fan preferences, purchasing behaviors and interactions with the content offered. This information helps personalize offers and promotions, improve marketing strategies, and improve the overall fan experience.


At Flycup, we offer the possibility of inserting a QR Code on our packaging, during personalization, to go even further in improving the stadium experience and developing the engagement of club supporters. Supporters can therefore simply scan the QR Code using their smartphone to access a multitude of exclusive and interactive content.

The QR Code thus becomes a gateway to a digital world where fans can feel even more connected to their favorite team and the current sporting event. This creates continuous interaction between fans and sports clubs, strengthening fan engagement and loyalty.

An excellent example of the use of the QR Code on Flycup packaging is that of Coca Cola, official partner of Paris Saint-Germain . In partnership with the club, Coca Cola made the wise choice to add a QR Code to the Flycups distributed during PSG home matches.

This QR Code redirected supporters to an exclusive competition, thus offering an interactive and exciting experience. This competition allowed PSG fans to participate to try to win prizes such as autographed jerseys, VIP seats for upcoming matches or even meetings with the players.

This initiative serves several objectives:

  • It strengthens supporter engagement by offering them a chance to win unique rewards;
  • It promotes the Coca Cola brand by associating its name with a fun and attractive experience
  • It promotes fan interaction with the club and its partners.

In summary, Coca Cola's initiative to add a QR Code offering a competition to PSG fans on Flycups shows the effectiveness and engagement potential offered by the use of QR Codes on our packaging. It’s an innovative and effective way to transform packaging into a powerful tool for interacting and building fan loyalty.

The QR Code has therefore become a powerful tool in sports business, offering numerous opportunities to engage fans, simplify ticket sales processes, improve the in-stadium experience, collect valuable data, etc.

Clubs, brands and event organizers can leverage this technology to connect more effectively with their fans, build loyalty and generate additional revenue at the same time.

The QR Codes on Flycup packaging represent a concrete example of the successful integration of this system.

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