The 2020 edition of the Citeo / Action Plus Shopper study tells us more about the French's perception of packaging. This survey reveals important trends that reflect the evolution of French consumers' attitudes towards preserving the environment, particularly following the health crisis.

The COVID-19 health crisis has had a significant impact on French people's awareness of the environmental emergency, making them more demanding regarding the preservation of the environment, and this particularly involves packaging.

According to the study, French interest in recycling continues to grow, and consumers feel increasingly concerned by environmental issues.

The key figures from this study highlight these issues:

  • It thus appears that 72% of those questioned attach great importance to the recyclability of packaging.
  • Additionally, 26% of respondents cite paper-cardboard packaging as a recyclability solution, highlighting the growing interest in more sustainable alternatives.
  • Encouragingly, 14% of respondents (an increasing figure) emphasize the use of recyclable packaging with a view to reuse, thus demonstrating an awareness of the importance of the circular economy.
  • Furthermore, according to 71% of respondents, manufacturers, industries and brands are the main players who must act to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment. This requirement shows that consumers expect concrete measures from companies to engage in a sustainable development approach.


In this context, Flycup meets consumer expectations by offering packaging 100% recycled , Made in France .

This corresponds to the priority of consumers who wish to become more eco-responsible by giving new life to products. By opting for fully recycled packaging, Flycup offers an alternative to companies looking to meet the demands of new consumers.

Indeed, reducing plastic packaging, which negatively impacts our environment, can be achieved using alternative solutions such as cardboard.

Furthermore, the law on ecological transition , adopted in France, prohibits from July 1, 2021 the takeaway sale of single-use plastic packaging. This legislative advance is a victory for the environmental cause and encourages companies to review their practices and adopt more environmentally friendly alternatives.

It is therefore essential that industry players act proactively to meet the expectations of French consumers, who are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of packaging.

By offering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, such as our 100% recycled packaging, companies can not only contribute to the preservation of the planet, but also respond to the growing concerns of consumers concerned about their ecological footprint.

By adopting sustainable practices and offering environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, businesses can strengthen their brand image, build customer loyalty and help build a greener future.

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