In a context of climate crisis, Paris has decided to take up the challenge by striving to organize the first Olympic Games carbon neutral impact in history in 2024. This means that the city is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible and to offsetting the rest by investing in projects to reduce carbon emissions. One of the key areas where Paris 2024 wants to implement sustainable measures is catering.


Paris 2024 wishes to focus the catering part on a responsible and environmentally friendly dimension, one of its main CSR issues.

Thus, its CSR policy linked to the catering part of the event chooses local and seasonal products, promoting sustainable agriculture, fighting against food waste and setting up environmentally friendly infrastructure.

But not only.

By adopting packaging with a low environmental impact, the event also shows the way towards more sustainable food consumption and encourages a transition towards practices that respect the planet.


  • Local and seasonal supply:

Paris 2024 is committed to favoring local and seasonal food products for its catering. By drawing on the region's gastronomic riches, this commitment aims to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the transport of foodstuffs. By supporting local producers , the Games will also help boost the regional economy.

  • Organic products from sustainable agriculture:

Preserving the environment is a priority for Paris 2024. This is why the organization is committed to offering organic products in its catering locations. By encouraging sustainable agricultural practices, the Games will contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, the reduction of the use of chemicals and the promotion of a healthy and balanced diet.

  • The fight against food waste:

Paris 2024 has taken steps to minimize food waste during the event. Preventive measures, such as optimizing the quantities served, will be put in place. In addition, partnerships will be established with local associations to redistribute surplus food to people in need. This approach will reduce environmental impact and promote solidarity.

  • Environmentally friendly packaging:

In addition to aspects related to the food itself, Paris 2024 will put in place environmentally friendly infrastructure in its catering locations. This will include the use of recycled or biodegradable materials for packaging and utensils, as well as the establishment of efficient waste sorting and collection systems. The aim is to minimize the overall environmental footprint of catering during the Games.


Flycup, as a company committed to reducing the carbon footprint of events, fits perfectly into the 2024 Olympic Games policy related to the use of food packaging.


With an eco-responsible packaging solution perfectly suited to the large-scale events of the 2024 Olympic Games, because as a reminder, Flycup allows 28% reduction in carbon emissions on packaging . And we know the impact that these global events have on the ecosystem.

This result is the result of several reasons:

  • The sourcing of our raw material which is done in Europe from sustainably managed and FSC-certified forests
  • The manufacturing of all our packaging in France and particularly in Brittany;
  • We do not use any plastic film in our products and favor recyclable materials;
  • Printing is done with vegetable ink rather than traditional mineral ink.

Flycup's commitment to the environment therefore corresponds perfectly to the growing concerns of organizers of global sporting events, seeking to minimize their ecological impact.

We will also have the opportunity to offer our reusable range which again and as always allows us to improve the consumption experience for all supporters but also to offer a reusable and zero waste solution! The circle is complete !

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