Women's sports clubs have played a vital role in this progression, helping to promote gender equality in sport and providing women with opportunities for athletic development.


  • Commercial opportunity through audiences:

Firstly, there is a growing business opportunity with the increase in viewership and interest in women's sports.

For example, the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup saw record viewership, attracting millions of viewers around the world. The broadcast rights for these competitions are becoming more and more attractive for broadcasters, thus generating additional revenue for organizers and clubs.

  • Sponsorship of renowned athletes and clubs:

Next, brands and sponsors recognize the potential of this growing market and seek to partner with female clubs and athletes to promote their products and services. This opens up new partnership and revenue opportunities for women's sports clubs.

For example, Nike is a major partner of the United States women's national soccer team, highlighting iconic players such as Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan. These partnerships offer increased visibility to brands and make it possible to reach a wider audience while supporting the development of women's sport.

  • The media:

Another issue concerns media coverage. The media plays a crucial role in promoting women's sports and creating a strong fan base. Indeed, media coverage plays a fundamental role in the growth and development of women's sport.

For example, the BBC in the United Kingdom has increased the number of women's football matches broadcast, giving fans more opportunities to follow the performances of women's teams.

We therefore see that over the years, women's sport has gained visibility and popularity, attracting the attention of the media, sponsors and the public.

Certainly, the remarkable performances of female athletes in various sporting disciplines have contributed to this development, but women's sports clubs also play a key role in the development of women's sport.

Indeed, clubs provide essential infrastructure and support to female athletes, offering them the opportunity to train, improve and compete at different levels, just like men's teams.

Many prestigious clubs around the world have also launched their own women's teams to promote gender equality in sport.

A notable example is that of Olympique de Marseille. In 2018, OM announced the creation of a professional women's team , demonstrating the growing importance of women's sport. This initiative allowed female players to benefit from the same resources and development opportunities as their male counterparts.

OM is just one example among many of clubs which have invested in women's sport. Many other world-famous clubs, such as FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester City FC and Bayern Munich, have also created their own women's teams.


By being part of this dynamic of development of women's sport, Flycup is proud to work with The Neptunes of Nantes for a year now since last summer, we have been distributing Flycup Drink during their matches. This collaboration allows us to offer fans a convenient way to support their favorite women's team.

Women's handball and volleyball club, the Neptunes de Nantes was founded more than 30 years ago. Since its inception, the club has experienced significant growth and become one of the most prestigious clubs in the region.

The club is particularly recognized for its commitment to the development of women's sport and equal opportunities, which is why we are delighted to participate in the support and development of this exceptional women's team.

And obviously, we are determined to continue our commitment by working with other women's clubs, to be continued!

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