In the contemporary world, technological progress and the craze for sport have given rise to a new booming trend: SporTech.

This convergence between sport and technology has radically transformed the way we play, watch and experience sport. Which leads us to question SporTech, that is to say what it represents, its objectives, its concrete applications and its impact on the sports industry.


SporTech refers to all startups, new services and technologies that contribute to innovation in the field of sport. In other words, SporTech refers to the area of ​​innovation where technology meets sport, thus merging the two worlds to create new opportunities and experiences.

This encompasses a wide range of technologies, from wearable gadgets and data analytics to virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, sensors, drones, and much more.


  • Improved athletic performance:

SporTech aims to help athletes optimize their performance by providing valuable data and analytics on their fitness, movements and training habits. This allows athletes to better understand their strengths and weaknesses, target their areas of improvement and reach their full potential.

  • Immersive Fan Experience:

SporTech offers spectators a more immersive and interactive sports experience. Thanks to virtual and augmented reality, fans can feel at the heart of the action, experience epic moments and access real-time statistics for a better understanding of the game.

  • Club and event management:

Sportech has revolutionized sports club and event management through the innovative integration of technology into the sports industry. This all-in-one digital platform provides sports clubs and event organizers with an efficient and transparent way to manage their operations.

Through cutting-edge tools such as data analytics, membership and ticket management, and logistics planning, Sportech enables clubs to maximize their operational efficiency and profitability. Event organizers can also benefit from this platform by easily managing ticket sales, monitoring capacity, and ensuring attendee safety with advanced control systems.

  • The ecological transition in sport:

The sports sector is a powerful vector for changing mentalities and behaviors, offering a media spectacle with an impact on the environment. Clubs can have a positive influence by favoring responsible equipment, encouraging soft mobility and limiting waste through awareness campaigns and responsible practices.


  • Performance monitoring:

Smartwatches, motion sensors and dedicated apps help athletes track their performance in real time, such as heart rate, distance traveled, speed and calories burned.

  • Augmented reality in stadiums:

Stadiums equipped with augmented reality allow fans to enjoy interactive experiences during matches, displaying live game statistics or providing unique camera angles.

  • Training and simulation:

Virtual reality technologies are used for training athletes, allowing them to simulate real-world game situations and train in secure virtual environments.

  • Player Performance Rating:

Teams use advanced video analytics to evaluate player performance, spot the opposing team's weaknesses and develop appropriate strategies.


The emergence of SporTech has revolutionized the sports industry in multiple aspects. Athletes and teams benefit from a better understanding of their performance, which translates into improved performance on the field. Fans enjoy a more immersive sports experience and actively participate in events.

In addition, SporTech has opened up new business opportunities for technology companies, which have embarked on the development of innovative products and services to meet the growing needs of the sports market: Sportech and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). meet at the crossroads of innovation and social impact in the field of sport.

By integrating CSR principles into their activities, sporttech companies can significantly contribute to the well-being of society and the environment while promoting their own sustainable development. Innovative concepts emerge from this synergy, such as eco-responsible sports equipment, initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in sport, awareness programs for the health and well-being of athletes, as well as campaigns fundraising for social causes through sporting events.

The use of technologies, such as artificial intelligence and data analysis, also makes it possible to design interactive platforms that encourage community participation and engage fans in solidarity actions. By combining sportech and CSR, sport can become a positive force for social change, driving lasting impact and inspiring society as a whole.


As an innovative sports start-up, Flycup has positioned itself at the forefront of the intersection between sportech and CSR. Our participation aimed to present our innovative solutions focused on sustainability and positive environmental impact.

We have highlighted our eco-responsible packaging which is part of an eco-responsible approach aimed at reducing the production of plastic waste. This packaging, made from recyclable materials, is designed to minimize its impact on the environment while meeting the practical needs of fans.

Additionally, we have introduced a reusable range that aims to rethink the way sporting events are organized. Thanks to an innovative approach, we offer solutions to reuse packaging, thus considerably reducing the ecological footprint of stadiums.

To this end, we offer digital activations via QR codes printed on our Flycups in order to create a stronger bond with fans and boost their engagement. This can range from marketing activation as we did with Coca-Cola to win places or jerseys, but also activations to promote environmental and societal actions (see our activation with RC Toulon and Veolia).

Our presence in this Sportech mapping is therefore an opportunity to show that innovative concepts can be developed in the field of sport by taking environmental issues into account, and that these initiatives have real potential to create a lasting and positive impact. on society and in sport.


SporTech represents an exciting union between sports and technology, paving the way for unprecedented advancements in sports. Through its goals of performance enhancement, immersive experience, injury prevention and data management, SporTech has brought significant changes to the way we approach and enjoy sport. Whether on the field, in the stadiums or behind our screens, SporTech is a catalyst for innovation that continues to evolve and shape the future of sport.

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