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Flycup Single

Flycup Single

Pack of 150

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The Flycup Single is the perfect packaging for those who are hungry!

Its 2 compartments offer diversity for your 2-product menus and adapt to all kinds of beverage containers.

Designed for professionals, it is easy to store, fold and stack.

The Flycup Single is, like all Flyup products, made in France from food-safe kraft cardboard without plastic film and 100% recyclable. The printing is done with GMO-free vegetable ink.

And if you want to personalize the packaging to your brand, we can help you with colors, logos, QR codes or digital activation.

Contact us for more information about our personalization and delivery service.

Logistics information:

  • Flat dimensions: 45 (L) * 19 (W)
  • Dimensions assembled: 25 (L) * 12 (W) * 7 (H)
  • Number of pieces per package: 150 
  • Package dimensions: 48 (L) * 20 (W) * 26.5 (H)
  • Package weight: 7.1 kg

Download our instructions just below:

Assembly instructions -Flycup Single

Technical Sheet - Flycup Single

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