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Flycup Twin

Flycup Twin

Pack of 150

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Discover the Flycup Twin, the ideal solution for your 3-product menus!

The Flycup Twin combines a sandwich or burger, a drink and a side dish in one container.

Its ergonomic format allows a perfect grip to easily take and enjoy your meal!

The Flycup Twin is also environmentally friendly. Made in France from food grade kraft cardboard without plastic film, it is 100% recyclable.
Printing is done with vegetable ink, without GMOs, for minimal impact on the environment.

Logistics information:

  • Flat dimensions: 47.5 (L) * 19 (W)
  • Dimensions assembled: 32 (L) * 12 (W) * 7 (H)
  • Number of pieces per package: 150 
  • Package dimensions: 48 (L) * 20 (W) * 7 (H)
  • Package weight: 7.25 kg

Download our instructions just below:

Assembly instructions - Flycup Twin

Technical Data Sheet - Flycup Twin

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